Smart Parking

Enabling automation through scalable IoT technology.
How does it all work? eParking sensor uses the nationwide available Sigfox IoT Network that has been designed specifically for IoT devices.

ePark is a dual technology sensor that detects parking space occupancy The ePark sensor integrates both Magnetometer and Radar Technology, to provide very high levels of accuracy to provide consistent performance if a carpark is occupied or not. The device sends the message payload to several remote Sigfox base stations, that in turn direct the signal to the Sigfox Backend From the Sigfox backend, the message is redirected to the eParking platform.

By integrating Bluetooth technology, if the parking space is a selective parking spot, the ePark sensor scans for beacons within the parked vehicle for specific Bluetooth card IDs. The ePark sensor will not only send the data to state whether the parking sport is occupied or not but also any Bluetooth IDs detected in the area. This data is sent to the cloud based eParking platform. If the beacon ID matches the mobility ID database, then the park is authorized for this Mobility Car Park

smart parking diagram from sensor to IoT Platform