This Smart Parking Sensor is reliable, rugged, and uses BLE and Sigfox enabled parking detection sensoring for managing parking lots efficiently.

Mobility Parking

Mobility Parking

With the eParking system, individual car parks can be setup for authorized parking only.

The ePark sensor scans for beacons with a specific UUID and sends this data to the cloud based platform. If the beacon ID matches the mobility ID database, then the park is authorized for this Mobility Car Park.

Radar Technology

The ePark sensor integrates both Magnetometer and Radar Technology, to provide very high levels of accuracy and consistent performance if a carpark is occupied or not.

Radar is the primary method of occupancy detection with the Magnetometer as the secondary method. This provides enhanced stability for long stay car parks.

eparking radar technology

ePark Sensor

The ePark sensor is Polycarbonate body using Flame retardant and UV stabilized material that enhances impact strength and retains mechanical properties even under prolonged UV exposure. It is suitable for high temperature conditions.

With a highly ruggered body, it can withstand heavy vehicular loads upto 15 tonnes.

It is equipped with in Lithium batteries with a capacity of 17Ah to give a battery life of 7 10 years.

The ePark Sensor is Bluetooth enabled. Firmware upgrades can be completed over-the-air, Bluetooth, eliminating time spent unmounting/remounting the device.


SIGFOX IoT Network

eParking sensor uses Sigfox IoT Network that leverages the network robustness that are designed specifically for IoT devices. The SIGFOX IoT network currently covers 94% of NZ Population. The benefits of this, is that there is no requirements for additional gateways other smart parking systems required, whilst increases robustness of the system as each Parking sensor will communicate with a number of SIGFOX remote gateways. Even a low number of sensors could be scattered over a large city area, with no additional gateways required, reducing the time to implementation and reducing overall costs.

eparking technology SIGFOX network
eparking technology platform

eParking Platform

The eParking Cloud Platform, accessible from this website gathers data from thousands of installed sensors and devices, and, in turn, processes this information into valuable, real-time reporting and events.

The cloud platform is multi-tenant so one organisation can manage car-parks and produce reports for many different branches of the organisation for multiple groups and locations.

Selective parking databases for each car park spot can be uploaded for individual and groups of carparks, which will then compare from the beacon data sent via the ePark sensor.

There are highly configurable user access permissions, from edit to read only functionality.

Installation Options

The epark sensor, has two different mounting options. Surface Mount and Full and Semi-Flush Mounting

With the Surface Mount option only 4 Dyna Bolts are required to fix the sensor to the ground.

With Semi-Flush a 152mm diameter hole to a depth of 48mm is required to be drilled. The ePark parking sensor will now be flush with the ground.